Mobile Travel App Guide goes into the third round

Right in time for the ITB Berlin 2013 the third edition of the Mobile Travel App Guide – Edition 2013 powered by ITB will be published. The catalog provides an overview of selected mobile applications in the international travel industry. As in the previous years  there will be an iPad  as well as  print version. 

MTAG_PR_2013The close look at mobile applications in tourism revealed new bias. Last-Minute or Same-Day Hotel bookings represent the overall trend of short-term bookings especially within the Hotel segment. The pioneering app Hotel Tonight started its service already in December 2010. Since then a bunch of copy cats have entered the market. The development in technology, especially the smartphone with its geolocation capability paved the way for last-minute booking apps. Therefore, Same-Day Hotel booking apps got an own category in the Mobile Travel Guide. The second new category in this year`s edition is Flight Tracking, which summarizes apps that radar the air traffic.

Where can you get your personal copy of the Mobile Travel App Guide – Edition 2013 powered by ITB? If you attend this year`s ITB Berlin just come by the booth of mvolution (hall 7.1C, 106) and get your personal copy. If you cannot make it to the event, get the iPad version or download the technolog guide from the ITB Library.

Since 2011 the Mobile Travel App Guide has been released at the ITB Berlin. The catalog has made a name for itself among decision makers in tourism and business travel industry.

All editions of Mobile Travel App Guide in one app

You do not have a version of the Mobile Travel App Guide Edition 2012 – powered by ITB yet? Then we got good news for tablet owners:  Now the technology guide is worldwide available as iPad app. Unlike last year`s app, the new one is a library, where all editions of the guide can be purchased in-app. The optimized version of 2011 can even be downloaded for free.

If you prefer the paper version you can get the book here.

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Presenting the second edition of the Mobile Travel App Guide at ITB Berlin 2012

Get a copy of the “Mobile Travel App Guide Edition 2012 powered by ITB” at the booth of mvolution (Hall 7.1C, 104) at the ITB Berlin 2012!

Smartphones go mainstream with market penetration surpassing 29% globally in the third quarter of 2011. This figure varies from nearly 65% in the USA and over 50% in Europe to 19% in Asia-Pacific. With the increasing public awareness thereof, end users (including travellers) have been quick to embrace mobile applications (apps). The massive growth of companies leveraging apps to capture the benefits of mobile technology shows that Mobile is a must have customer acquisition, retention and communication channel.

In February 2011 the German Apple App Store accounted for about 300.000 apps including 18.324 travel apps (category Travel). This year there are 553.323 apps and 26.326 travel apps (category travel) representing a market share of 4,76% of all apps available (29,85% in Games category). Paid apps account for 60% and 40% are free travel apps.

To provide an overview of mobile solutions in the travel industry, the first edition of the Mobile Travel App Guide was published at last year’s  ITB Berlin. The book was a big success. For ITB Berlin 2012 we worked on an expanded edition with 25 categories and more than 120 analyzed apps. Besides at the ITB 2012, the technology guide will be available in bookstores and online (publisher: Alabasta 2000). In cooperation with the ITB the book will be part of the ITB Library.

User-Survey: Mobile Self Services at Airports

In its annual Survey airport tech provider SITA points out that more and more passengers use self-services at airports. Reason for that trend is on one hand the increased number of passengers carrying a smartphone (from 28% to 54 % within the last twelve month) and on the other hand the improvement in booking and check-in processes as well as the availability for self-service facilities.

Already one third of the respondents checked in via smartphone. 17 % use mobile boarding passes and more than 70 % stated they would like to use this service. More than half of the business and first class travellers get SMS texts for alerts.

Free wifi at airports is increasingly popular.  Three of four passengers would connect to a free WIFI network at an airport to look for trip-related information.

Nearly 80 percent want information on their flight. Half of the respondents are interested in security information and 40 percent would search for department gate and walking times. More than 20 percent want to get information about directions and airport parking.

Since six years SITA analyzes the usage of smartphones at airports. In 2011 a total of 2,500 passengers at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Beijing International Airport, Frankfurt International Airport, Mumbai International and Sao Paulo Guarulhos got interviewed.
Find full study here

Mobile Travel App Catalog for iPad now available

The Mobile Travel App Catalog 1.0 for iPad is now available in the Apple App Store worldwide.

For all those who neither could grab a printed version of the Mobile Travel App Catalog 1.0 at this year`s ITB Berlin nor downloaded it from the internet, we proudly present the catalog for the iPad. Now you can easily browse on the tablet through the pages of the catalog and get an interesting insight into the opportunities of mobile travel applications.

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Mobile Travel App Catalog ready for download

Our Mobile Travel App Catalog which we presented to the public at ITB Berlin 2011 two weeks ago was a great success. The booklet was out of stock by the end of the exhibition. Fortunately we do have a digital version of it. You can download it from today. The only thing you have to do is paying with a tweet (just click on the button). I saw it the first time on Mobile Zeitgeist (@Heike you are always ahead ;-). If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, please post: Just downloaded Mobile Travel App Catalog via to any Social Network and send us a screenshot. We will send you a copy via Email.

I would like to say thank you to our sponsors helping us to cover the costs of the Mobile Travel App Catalog. For our next catalog please get in contact with us if you want to be part it. Here are the sponsors in alphabetical order:——————————————————————–———————————————————————–

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Mobile Travel Takes Off: Smartphones are changing the way people travel

According to eMarketer the number of US mobile users who research travel on their mobile devices will climb from 19.7 million in 2010 to 29.7 million in 2012. Those booking via mobile will nearly double in the same timeframe, from 8.7 million to 15.1 million. “Mobile has dramatically altered the travel experience,” said Noah Elkin, eMarketer principal analyst and author of the new report. “From pre-trip planning to in-flight and on-property services to context- and location-aware destination information, mobile devices promise to transform every phase in the travel process, putting vital information—and new marketing opportunities—within hand’s reach.”

Unfortunately this research represents the US market only. I am sure that Europe looks similar.

Furthermore Juniper Research reports that every seventh bar coded boarding passes worldwide will be delivered to passengers’ mobile devices within 2 years. This equates to 480 million mobile boarding passes which is treble the 160 million for last year, as mobile technology and especially smartphones are having a rapidly growing impact on the airline industry. Juniper Research has also identified significant market progress for mobile tickets from both vendors and crucially airlines as well as growing potential across train travel and in suburban metro systems, which will be boosted by the momentum currently being seen in NFC.

Introducing the Mobile Travel App Catalog ITB Berlin 2011 Edition

Pick up your personal edition of the brand new Mobile Travel App Catalog by mvolution at
ITB Berlin 2011 hall 7.1c booth 107.

The Mobile Opportunity

Since the arrival of the Smartphone (not only iPhone but also Android, BlackBerry and newer Nokia devices) and the increasing public awareness thereof, end users (including travellers) have been quick to embrace mobile applications (apps). In the last 12 months there has been an explosion of companies leveraging apps to capture the benefits of mobile technology. According to BITKOM about 900 million apps have been downloaded in Germany in 2010 generating an annual growth of 112% and revenues of 357 million Euro. Over 25% of the German population own and more interestingly use their Smartphone to access the mobile internet: this has become a mass market.

By today the German Apple App Store accounts for about 300.000 apps including 18.324 travel apps (category travel). This is rank no. 7 just after category Utilities with 19.020 apps. Interestingly paid apps account for 72% and only 28% are free travel apps. In terms of downloads the most popular free travel app (in Germany DB Navigator) will reach over 2 million in 2011 and Kayak already has more than 5 million downloads in the US.

Within the App Store category Travel we had a close look at different apps. We analysed the most interesting ones and created 16 categories relating to the travel industry. For each category we took (if available) five travel apps and tried to extract their differences in terms of functionality, ranking and App Store user reviews. We discovered very interesting features and multiple approaches to creating and marketing apps.

The Search function for example, is important for finding places, hotels, train or rental car stations, connections or directions. The analysis showed that there are 10 different ways search (from Augmented Reality to Voice) is used by the app providers. Or Social Media features can range from pure Facebook or Twitter links to integrated sharing functionalities with other Social Media apps. It is also notable that for travel companies booking and reservation via mobile becomes a real positive return on investment business case.

Some players believe that mobile commerce will be arround 20% of their revenue share within the next few years. We think too, that this can be true, because Smartphone apps can create a user experience that is superior to using the corresponding website with the desktop device, and at the same time add specific value to certain travel related use cases. However we also discovered that only a fraction of travel companies do a good job with their mobile strategy which is not understandable considering the importance of the mobile channel.

So we are excited about the future developments in this segment and hope to bring you with this first edition of the Mobile Travel App Catalog, interesting insights into the market. We are also looking forward to getting feedback from you on your mobile experience.

The Mobile Opportunity

Aktuelle Zahlen zu mobilen Diensten der Lufthansa

Bildquellen: FVW Magazin 22/10

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des FVW Magazins äußert sich der Lufthansa Vertriebschef und Smartphone-Fan Josef Bogdanski im Interview zu neusten Zahlen im Onlinebereich und für Mobile. Danach wurde die Lufthansa App bis heute 500.000 mal heruntergeladen (vermutlich nur die iPhone App) und mehr als 3 Mio. mobile Bordkarten verschickt. Vor knapp einem Jahr berichtet ich, dass die Lufthansa noch 1 Mio. mobile Bordkarten versendet hatte, heute sind es drei.


App-Entwicklung für iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Palm

Zum Flug-Buchungsverhalten über Smartphones äußerte sich Bogdanski ebenfalls: “Auch hier entwickeln sich die Zahlen sehr akzeptabel. Was wir beobachten, ist, dass über die mobile Plattform kurzfristig, dafür aber auch höherwertig gebucht wird.” Kurzfristiges Buchen oder reservieren ist offensichtlich der treibende Use Case für Mobile, wenn man Mobile nicht als Service-Kanal, sondern als E-Commerce-Kanal betrachtet. Dies bestätigen auch andere Leistungsträger wie Hotel- oder Mietwagenplattformen.

Zukunftstrend: Buchen über Smartphones

Lange Zeit habe ich das Mobiltelefon nur als “Service-Kanal” für Reiseunternehmen gesehen. Zum Buchen und reservieren waren die Geräte ungeeignet. Es zeigt sich jedoch immer deutlicher, dass die neuen Endgeräte, die Smartphones, zum Buchen und Reservieren sehr wohl geeignet sind.

Einer Umfrage von zufolge haben bislang knapp sieben Prozent der Besitzer eines Smartphones in Deutschland schon einmal eine Reise, eine Übernachtung oder einen Mietwagen über ihr mobiles Gerät gebucht. Das dürften dann nach BITKOM-Prognosen am Ende des laufenden Jahres rund eine halbe Million Smartphone-Besitzer gewesen sein, die Mobil Buchen. Eine Statistik zu den Mobilen Diensten der Deutschen Bahn stützt die Ergebnisse. Die Verkaufsrate des Mobilen Tickets stieg danach um 118 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr.

Das Potential der mobilen Dienste entdecken nicht nur die Reisenden. Der von SITA jährlich veröffentlichte Airline IT Trend Survey ergab, dass 70% der befragten Fluglinien planen, bis 2013 ihre Tickets über mobile Endgeräte zu vertreiben. Darüber hinaus wollen neun von zehn Flugunternehmen ihren Kunden Informationen mobil zustellen und 68 % der Airlines wollen Umbuchungen und Upgrades via Smartphone ermöglichen. Derzeit bieten lediglich sechs Prozent der Fluglinien diesen Service an. Auch die Anzahl der Apps in den Appstores wächst. Derzeit gibt es in der Kategorie Reisen ca. 15.500 Apps bei iTunes, 362 in der Blackberry Appworld und bei Android und Ovi weiß ich es leider nicht 😦 .

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