Marriott hotels go for Mobile Check-in

marriot_check-inThe idea of checking into your hotel via smartphone is no smashing news to the travel market. Nevertheless, good realizations are rare to find. A good approach is the app of  hotel group Marriott , which enables users to easily and quickly check into their hotel room before they have even entered the lobby.

Marriott Reward members can check-in mobile from the afternoon of the day before their arrival. Therefore, users will receive a push message on their mobile device. Subsequently, guests inform the hotel via mobile device what time they expect to arrive. As soon as the room is ready another push notification will be sent. On arrival at the hotel the keycard for the room can conveniently be picked up at a special mobile desktop. Thus, users of the app avoid long waiting queues for check-in at the hotel lobby.
Until today the feature is available for 31 Marriott hotels in the United States and Canada. 294 hotels are planned to follow within this summer.

We think the Marriot Mobile app mobile check-in is a smart approach and wonder when other hotels will follow the practice.

The Mobile Marriott App is available for iPhone and Android devices.



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  1. I love your blog, the fact that you make all your posts like that is awesome.

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