Publisher mo`media combines print and mobile travel guides

Are mobile apps the death of printed travel guides? The Dutch publisher mo’media answers the question with no and combines print and mobile in its ”100% Cityguides” . The travel guides already have the biggest market share in the Netherlands and are now available in German, too. For €9.99 one can choose between one of twelve different cityguides in bookstores and online.  Every book provides a code to access to the mobile content. 

The idea is to get the benefit from both, mobile and print. Users can read the book  i.e.  at home or in the hotel  to prepare their trip and use the app while being on the road. The app includes all content provided in the printed version. Additionally, added value i.e. making a reservation for a restaurant or ordering a drink in the native language with the translation tool  is created. GPS supported maps help users to navigate through a city.

The iPhone app includes all destinations. For a short time the content for the iPhone is available for free. Android users need to download an app for every city and have to pay for it – either by using the code in a printed guide or by in-app purchase. There is no tablet version yet. We think the combination of book and app is an interesting approach for publishing houses of travel guides to deal with the mobile challenge.

100% City Guides in German are momentarily available for twelve cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venedig and Vienna. More cities will follow successively. Additionally, print and mobile language guides are planned. Read more about German 100% City Guides in an interview with mo`media director René Bego here.


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