How to get into Top 10 ranking in App Store

Right now HRS ranks no 3 in the category Travel and 131 overall in the German App Store. How do they get there? First, the brand is well known in Germany so people search for the key word. Second, the app is quite good.

Third, HRS heavily invests in Marketing. They have launched a campaign at Apple iAd service leading the user dircectly to the App Store. More interestingly in September 2011 the hotel portal launched a hybrid campaign with QR codes and Bluetooth technique in main stations and central locations of several German cities as well as in the business terminal of Düsseldorf airport.

Users could download the app directly on their smartphone from digital screens or city light posters. If someone did not use one of the fourteen platforms that the portal offers its service for, a bookmark to the mobile website was delivered. The download was enabled via QR code and Bluetooth. That way i.e. travellers could easily get access to the mobile service  of  HRS while they were waiting for their plane or train.
The campaign was organized by Blue Cell Networks, which already covered Düsseldorf Airport with download stations for Bluetooth marketing (we reported about in April this year).  HRS is the first company that uses both Performance Media Networks “iCLP” and “iAir”.

The essence of this article is, that Mobile Marketing helps a lot to drive downloads of your app. It certainly doesn’t say anything about the actual usage. However, HRS reports it will gain 20% of all its bookings from the mobile channel in the next 3 years.


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