User-Survey: Mobile Self Services at Airports

In its annual Survey airport tech provider SITA points out that more and more passengers use self-services at airports. Reason for that trend is on one hand the increased number of passengers carrying a smartphone (from 28% to 54 % within the last twelve month) and on the other hand the improvement in booking and check-in processes as well as the availability for self-service facilities.

Already one third of the respondents checked in via smartphone. 17 % use mobile boarding passes and more than 70 % stated they would like to use this service. More than half of the business and first class travellers get SMS texts for alerts.

Free wifi at airports is increasingly popular.  Three of four passengers would connect to a free WIFI network at an airport to look for trip-related information.

Nearly 80 percent want information on their flight. Half of the respondents are interested in security information and 40 percent would search for department gate and walking times. More than 20 percent want to get information about directions and airport parking.

Since six years SITA analyzes the usage of smartphones at airports. In 2011 a total of 2,500 passengers at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Beijing International Airport, Frankfurt International Airport, Mumbai International and Sao Paulo Guarulhos got interviewed.
Find full study here

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