Mobile Travel App Catalog ready for download

Our Mobile Travel App Catalog which we presented to the public at ITB Berlin 2011 two weeks ago was a great success. The booklet was out of stock by the end of the exhibition. Fortunately we do have a digital version of it. You can download it from today. The only thing you have to do is paying with a tweet (just click on the button). I saw it the first time on Mobile Zeitgeist (@Heike you are always ahead ;-). If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, please post: Just downloaded Mobile Travel App Catalog via to any Social Network and send us a screenshot. We will send you a copy via Email.

I would like to say thank you to our sponsors helping us to cover the costs of the Mobile Travel App Catalog. For our next catalog please get in contact with us if you want to be part it. Here are the sponsors in alphabetical order:——————————————————————–———————————————————————–

ITB Asia ——————————————————————–

7 Responses to Mobile Travel App Catalog ready for download

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  3. Thomas Hinze says:

    Where is the VETFINDER App ? 😉 People with pets traveling too.

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  5. Mette Höisaether says:

    How do I send you my screenshot? Status has been posted on facebook 🙂

  6. Tilmann Weigel says:

    Download doesn’t work!

  7. David de Brito says:

    Dear steffan, the dowload doesnt wor and i already tweeted 5 times…

    how can i get the Pdf withou error?

    All the best,

    David de Brito

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