mvolution shows Mobile Travel Apps at ITB Berlin

At this year’s ITB Berlin exhibition we will present 3 hot mobile travel topics making the Travel Industry even more valuable. Contact us (mvolution) under:

+49 3641 573 3399 or for a person to person meeting at Hall 7.1c booth 107.

First is: From Web to App for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia …

As one of the most experienced App Developers (already 6 years) we will show how to develop a Mobile strategy and value added Apps with a Cross-Mobile-Platform approach. We offer full services: From consulting (finding the right mobile strategy for your business), concept building (designing screens, storyboard and architecture) and implementation (developing frontend, backend and interface) to quality management (testing, debugging and updating). Additionally, we provide hosting, support and app-store management.

Second: Itinerary Management

Aimed at the business traveller, travelload solves a problem by providing a single itinerary consolidation travel manager as a tool keeping the travelload subscriber informed, alerted and organized about flight information, trains, hotels, rental cars, weather, timetables, alerts, delays, traffic, change of gates, on fly reservations, booking, navigation, maps and expense reports which are all delivered through intuitive well designed mobile applications, tablet applications, web browsers and social networking integration.

Third: Real Time Traveller Tracking

Travel security is a big issue these days. Whether the outbreak of a volcano, weather chaos or political conflicts: There are thousands of scenarios to think of. In order to make the world of travel a bit safer, we developed a crisis management and real time traveller tracking tool. The instrument is integrated into our meta mobility platform travelload. Intelligent filter mechanisms enable target-orientated distribution of information, since travel managers can see who is in the concerned region. In case of emergency a SMS via message centre is sent to all affected persons. The persons can send back their real location information through SMS. Travel Managers see the real time traveller position immediately.

RIM (BlackBerry) to become an OTA?

Well, I guess it is yet too early to say, but on Monday this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona RIM announced its own travel product the BlackBerry Travel App. And this is an interesting move by RIM. Why? Let me ask the question who in the travel value chain is closer to the end user? An OTA (e.g. Expedia) or a Smartphone Device Manufacturer? The smartphone is used every day, every hour or sometimes a lots of minutes per hour, right? To get to Expedia, which I may use a few times a year, I need a desktop computer and I need to know the URL.

Source: BlackBerry App World

So the right strategy is to come far closer to the end user by cooperating with SDM. So did Expedia Affiliate Network who is providing the Hotel content for the Travel App. There are also other players within the value chain of travel, who could be closer to the end user than any OTA or travel supplier, the Mobile Network Operators (like Vodafone or Telekom). Those guys are losing voice revenues and are keen to find new transaction based business models.

At the end the user will decide whether they trust those new players or not. My personal opion: it’s worth a try…

TUI Donnerwetter Jetter is running now

This is what happens, if developers cannot plan the time an iPhone App is reviewed by Apple and another App (in this case the Facebook App Donnerwetter Jetter) must be started simultaneously. Both Apps depend on each other. In case Apple publishes the iPhone App in the morning in Germany, there could be difficulties with going live with Facebook App due to time zone difference. However TUI  Donnerwetter Jetter is now running and I am on rank 26 right now.

I would be happy if Apple could give some indication in advance when they are ready to publish. What’s your experience with that issue?

TUI starts Mobile Social Media Campaign

Today’s hottest and most discussed topics in Online are Mobile and Social Media. Monday last week I have been to the Symposium “Social Media im Tourismus” organised by the Travel Industry Club. It was interesting listen to big companies and their experience with Social Media activities (whether succesful or failed). However TUI didn’t present anything, but hopefully will do next year showing their results with the “TUI Donnerwetter Jetter” campaign / App.

Donnerwetter Jetter is a perfect case study because it combines all elements needed to implement a great Mobile Social Media Campaign:

  • Motivation: bad weather is motivation to travel to sunny beaches (core business of TUI)
  • Incentive: win a price which is 12 nights holidays in Dominican Republic
  • Mobile: the perfect user interface to collect data
  • Check-in functionality: participate anytime anywhere (known from Foursquare & Co)
  • Social Network: users can only participate with their Facebook account

So how is it working? Download one of the Apps (iTunes, Android Marketplace), watch the very nice introduction video, register with your Facebook account and then check-in your bad weather conditions. By doing that you collect points. The one who has the highest ranking will win the price. I don’t know what happens if you check-in a sunny day in Germany (subtract points?).

Unfortunately it didn’t work at the time I wrote this article. They had difficulties with the Facebook Connect API, so I can’t tell how it’s working in real conditions. But I will test it over the next days, because I believe this is an excellent campaign. I am also really excited to get results of the campaign:

  • How many App downloads?
  • How many Likers on Facebook? (I couldn’t find a corresponding fan page on fb, why?)
  • How many Check-in’s?
  • How many bookings on ;-)?

Please let us know TUI Interactive!

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