Caution: the woman’s bra conversion has a bug

Can you imagine coming back home from a business trip, presenting a wounderful new bra with the wrong size? If you are travelling with a shopping list for your girl friend or wife be attentive when buying woman’s bra. KLM’s converter app has just been updated because of  a “Minor bug in woman’s bra conversion”. Update today!

iPhone app updates have three reasons, 1.) to deploy new features, 2.) to remind the user that there is an app you can use and 3.) (and far more often) to fix bugs. Unfortunately I have no analysis of this thesis and I couldn’t find one in the web. But most of my 500+ apps installed on my iPhone get new updates for bug fixing. One could argument that Apple’s review process has become sloppy.

Could be, but my argument is that iOS has become more fragmented and thus more complex. In order to control all iOS versions out there developers need to have at least 8 real devices for testing them. If you develop for iPad too it gets even worse. However Apple’s platform is still the most convenient in terms of fragmentation ;-(

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